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Our Support

Responsive and reliable alliance

BD CraneTech’s approach towards its customer support has always been about sincerity and genuine interest in every task. Its prompt response to customer in times of need shows its strong commitment in being a reliable alliance. BD CraneTech will be at its customer’s beck and call anytime and any day.

BD CraneTech is committed to be with its customers at their call... always.

Our Solutions

Supplementary machinery works and fabrication of parts for a more conducive operation

BD CraneTech has adopted highly practical thinking when it comes to formulation of solutions for its customers. Often, it would require certain alterations to the site itself. Thus, we will go the extra mile to make certain changes to the site and make it a more conducive environment for operation.

Our engineers, who are veterans in the hoisting industry, are committed to provide efficient solutions through innovative engineering that serves its primary purposes and more. As such, customers always feel that they get more than they have initially expected.

Absolute commitment from planning to completion of projects

Besides being at ground zero in the least possible time, BD CraneTech’s unique customer support has always been one of a kind- walking together with its customers from the start until the end of their projects. That is to mean BD CraneTech believes its commitment to its customers does not stop, even after the crane is in operation.

BD CraneTech forms a type of relationship with its customers that share their burden of problems in their projects, as long as it is within our means, we would go the extra mile to be a resource to our customers as a form of showing our absolute commitment.