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Like any other company, BD CraneTech Pte Ltd commenced business with humble beginnings.

Established in early 1990s, the group started with fabrication of overhead cranes and the assembly of French-made hoist with capacity ranging from 125 kg to 50 tonnes.

In anticipation of the industries’ growing needs, the company plunged heftily into research and development with the aims to be ahead of the industry.
In year 1992, BD CraneTech introduced the first ever hoist that was manufactured entirely within Southeast Asia region.

In year 2000, BD CraneTech challenged itself to a higher level of crane design. We successfully delivered two numbers of 600 tonnes per hour Shipunloaders to one of Singapore’s major ports, that is the very first truly Singaporean designed and manufactured.

In year 2008, BD CraneTech stretched its limits and delivered a 1000 tonne crane to an international construction company. In that same year, we delivered the tallest and longest span Gantry Crane with the capacity of 250 tonne, spanning 80 metres and 55 metres in height lift to one of the largest Singapore government affiliated offshore marine company.
BD CraneTech's exceedingly agressive marketing and after sales commitment coupled with reputable portfolios have enabled a tremendous success to an array of product launches with capacity up to 2000 tonnes. However, the company does not nestle on its initial success.

BD CraneTech has been channelling consistent efforts and emphasis into innovation as we aim to lead the entire industry towards the next quantum leap through a total paradigm shift.
Aspire to be the name in material handling in Asia. Adopting a creative approach in constructing solutions, we provide an extraordinary experience to our client that is sustained by innovation.


Sincerity and genuine interest in every task; tremendous value in being a resource for our client and always give more than they expect, help them to succeed.

Providing efficient solutions to ensure customer contentment.
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